Increase the chances of survival of preterm babies, while enhancing their quality of life as well as contributing to on-going developments in maternal health.

Our Story

Liam Tyler was born 5th April 2012 weighing 1.1kg very unprepared for this world.

From his mother’s womb his new home was a an incubator.

It was by far the most emotionally grueling experience of Chengetai Makuni’s life; yet he fought with all his might for that next breath; regardless of how unfair the odds were.

Liam made her realize that a baby can be my hero and other little preterm baby heroes are fighting for their lives across the country. Chengetai made a commitment to set up an organisation which will ensure that our little heroes will not fight alone.

She shared her vision with her dear friend and colleague Dr Norbertta Washaya who was just as passionate about supporting preterm babies and worked alongside them everyday at a local hospital.

In 2015; the two women Chengetai Makuni and Dr Norbertta Washaya founded Baby Heroes Africa Foundation. Chengetai Makuni is the organisation’s director today.